Marie Navarro Books

with a little pixie dust life becomes magical

Do you believe in Faeries?

... and elves, dragons, romance, and happily ever after?


Marie does!

She writes stories modern day fairy tales for young adults, adults young at heart, and romantic adults.

Her young adult series takes place in both the modern world of humans and the enchanted world of FeyTerrah.

What happens when 17 year old Lily meets a group of elves searching for a missing fairy princess?


In the "Dreamer's Forest Series", one day Lily Kingman is a college freshman helping at at her parent's Bed & Breakfast. A few days later she is lost in FeyTerrah having breakfast with elves and a fairy, fighting off scary monsters, meeting magical dragons, and discovering her family's long kept secret. 


The fairy tales continue mixed with romance in Marie's magical world of El'Faelin. In "Julianne's Wish", Julianne and Forest are best friends. They share a strong physical attraction. However, both are determined to not fall in love with the other. But fate and destiny seem to have other plans in mind for the pair.

We also meet Morgan, who accidentally enslaves her friend Blackberry. She is determined to free him, though she may lose him forever by doing so.  These romances and more are soon to come.


Marie's stories are filled with romance, adventure, humor, and a good dose of magic.The characters, whether human or fae, are brave, kind, good, honorable, and sometimes a little bit naughty (just as elves and fairies should be). Nature is respected, the good guys win, and the hero and the heroine always live happily ever after.


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