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About Marie

Marie was born in the Pacific Northwest and has lived in Mexico, Texas, and California. Along with her husband of nearly 35 years, she has made her home in Northern Nevada.

She has spent many years traveling the scenic highways of America with her husband. She has driven in all 48 of the lower states. During this time she found the inspiration to write her novels.

Ever since she wrote her first multi-page story in fourth grade, Marie knew she wanted to be a writer.

In addition to writing fantasy and fiction novels, Marie also writes non-fiction.

She has written a number of feature stories of community interest for local papers, was a staff writer for a bilingual newspaper, served as a regional editor for a homeschooling newsletter, was a contributing writer for a trucking magazine, and has had a number of short stories and articles published in e-zines.

When not writing, Marie can be found taking college courses in Nutrition, Health, or Psychology. She is a Reiki Master and practices yoga. She enjoys taking long walks with her husband and spending time with their son and his family.

Release Dates and News

A Bridge in the Forest

release date - coming soon

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