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Fantasy Romance

The Elves of El'Faelin -   Forest, Blackberry, and Garrett are handsome, honorable, and just a little naughty. Magic and romance happens when they decide to visit the world of humans.
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"Julianne's Wish" 

Be careful what you wish for.

Ten years ago, a young and heartbroken Julianne made a wish on a falling star.

Now, if she can't find a way to reverse the granted wish, it could cost her best friend (and lover), Forest, his life.

"Samantha's Magic" 

When Samantha attends an estate auction she finds a treasure. An antique floor mirror! She soon discovers it came with more than she'd bargained.

Connor angered a powerful woman over 200 years ago. In retaliation she had a witch imprison him in the mirror.

A witch herself, Samantha discovers how to free Connor, but not before falling in love with him.

But in setting him free, will she lose him forever?

"Morgan's Mistake"

While picking berries in her aunt's backyard, nine year old Morgan meets an elf and they quickly become friends.

Fourteen years later, a grown Morgan returns to her aunt's town and is delighted to see Blackberry again.But her old friend hates her.

As a child, Morgan accidentally made Blackberry her slave and betrayed him.

Now Morgan must find a way to free the elf and regain his friendship. But is the price she must pay too high? 

"Chloe's Promise"

When a strange homeless young man saves her life, Chloe seeks a way to pay him back by helping him get off the streets. Along the way she makes a promise to help Garrett find his friends and his way home

As she falls in love with him and learns about his home, she realizes that she cannot go with him.

She had no idea how hard it would be to keep her promise to her new lover. 

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