Marie Navarro

adventure, magic, and romance

                         Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

The FeyTerrah Series

Book One - Part 1          A Bridge in the Forest

Lily Kingman is a happy and energetic college freshman. She goes to school and works part time at her parents' Bed & Breakfast.

Just before her eighteenth birthday she is given a secret necklace by an old family friend and then she finds a secret gate at the bottom of a river.

The gate leads her to FeyTerrah, a fantastic world of enchantment and danger. While there, Lily encounters a small group of fey travelers on a mission for the king.

One of the elves, the brooding yet captivating Dreamer, doesn't trust the human, Lily. Then, on the night of her birthday, Lily undergoes a transformation that  changes her life ... and Dreamer's.

Book One - Part 2          A Promise in the Forest

Lily learns that her parents have been keeping secrets and they are connected to a missing fairy princess. The king sends Lily and her companions to Otherworld to find answers.

Lily confronts her parents and Mrs. Rose Beth, the old family friend who gave her the necklace. and is given the story about her connection to FeyTerrah.

She soon discovers that there are other fey descendants living among the humans and they are being threatened by one of her former schoolmates.

Lily and Dreamer realize their mission may mean a major change for both the world of FeyTerrah and the human world.


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Book Two -          A Secret in the Forest

 "It is not wise to make war with the unknown," Dreamer warns the antagonistic human, Victor.

But the the young man remains determined to discover the secret Lily Kingman and her strange new friends are keeping.

What Victor does not know is that Dreamer is experiencing a transformation that will give him new powers that are rare, even among the elves.

When Lily and Dreamer disappear without a trace, all the evidence points to Victor.

While searching for the remaining Fey Watcher rings, the Kingmans receive help from an unexpected source.


 Book Two Status:

release date to be announced


Book Three -         Moonlight in the Forest

Dreamer, Lily, Sir Elo, and a group of fey descendants travel to FeyTerrah to meet with King Solren. When the king receives the reports of the discoveries made by Sir Elo and Dreamer, he  quickly realizes that he must share the information, not only with the other three kings, but the Dragon race as well.    

Dreamer and Lily are commissioned to take the news to Galbraith, the most ancient of the Dragons, and invite the noble race to a meeting with the kings. 

Dreamer believes he has discovered a way to free himself and Lily of the magical Ninatlee necklaces. Also, with Galbraith’s help, Dreamer uncovers an astonishing secret about Rachel’s family that helps explain Lily’s unusually rare abilities.



Book Three Status:

work in progress