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                                  Young Adult Fantasy

Dreamer's Forest Series

Book 1 - A Bridge in the Forest

Lily Kingman was always a little strange. On her eighteenth birthday she discovers why. She finds a secret gate at the bottom of a river. The gate leads her to FeyTerrah a fantastic world of enchantment and danger. While there, Lily encounters Dreamer of Riverlord, the captivating elf she is destined to marry. On the night of her birthday, Lily undergoes a transformation that reveals her true nature.

She joins a small group of elves and a fairy, who take her to the land of her ancestors. There she meets the fairy king. His ma believes that Lily may be the key to finding his missing daughter.

He sends the group back to Otherworld, the domain of the the humans, to find the princess.

Eventually, Lily is forced to make a difficult decision. She must choose a world. Will she return to the beautiful yet strange land of her ancestors? Or will she remain among the humans although she fears they will no longer accept her?

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Book 2- A Promise in the Forest

When Lily and her companions arrive in Otherworld, Lily confronts Mrs. Rose Beth and then learns the story about her connection to FeyTerrah. She also leans the startling truth about her father and his family.

She soon finds that there are other fey descendants living among the humans; and she and her companions make important discoveries about the history between the two worlds.

But when Lily and her friends are threatened by one of her former schoolmates, they realize just how significant the connection between FeyTerrah and Otherworld is. And Lily has to accept that her comfortable life has changed forever.

Though she knows she belongs in FeyTerrah and at Dreamer's side, she also feels an obligation to her family and the fey living in the human world.

How can she keep her promises to Dreamer without ignoring her other duties? Lily is forced to make a painful choice. Will Dreamer understand?

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Book 3 - A Secret in the Forest

 "It is not wise to make war with the unknown," Dreamer forwarns the antagonistic human, Victor.

But the the young man remains determined to discover the secret Lily Kingman and her strange new friends are keeping. He is studying their race closely and gaining dangerous knowledge.  

What Victor does not know is that Dreamer is experiencing a transformation that will give him new powers that are rare, even among the elves.

When Lily and Dreamer disappear without a trace, all the evidence points to Victor. How can the Kingmans call on local authorities for help without revealing their daughter and her fiancé’s secret?

Is this the beginning of a war between Otherworld and FeyTerrah?


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Book 4 - Moonlight in the Forest

 When Dreamer, Lily, and Sir Elo return to King Solren accompanied by a large entourage of fey descendants from Otherworld … and news, decisions, and choices that will determine the future between the two worlds … the king quickly realizes that not only is the matter for all four kings to consider, but the Dragon race is involved as well.    

Dreamer and Lily are commissioned to take the news to Galbraith, the most ancient of the Dragons, and invite the noble race to meet with the kings. 

New discoveries are made regarding the spell on Lily and Dreamer’s Ninatlee necklaces. Also, with Galbraith’s help, Dreamer uncovers an astonishing secret about Rachel’s family that helps explain Lily’s unusually rare abilities.

In the midst of a time of renewed connection with trusted human friends and their fey relations living in Otherworld, Lily and Dreamer are married in the forest that brought them together

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